Team Members Celebrate With Holiday Lunch 

As a holiday gathering for the team, the corporate office enjoyed a festive lunch on Wednesday, December 15. Despite the snowy weather, hundreds of team members took the opportunity to greet each other, enjoy delicious food and reconnect.  

The education center was filled with laughter, camaraderie and plates full of turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, vegetables, green salad, rolls and butter and cheesecake. To keep crowding at a minimum, the lunch was split into two timeframes. 

Many team members, including members from the AFS Executive Team, worked hard to create an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude for the holiday.  The line started early and no one left hungry as team members served their colleagues a memorable lunch.   

Lead organizer Denise Ward said, “It was wonderful to hear everyone chit-chatting as they enjoyed their meal. Given the challenging year we’ve had, it was refreshing to see so many smiles.”