Become a Member of Associated Food Stores

Are you a grocery store owner? Are you looking for a new supplier? Would you like to have a voice for how your supplier operates? Would you like access to experts in different areas of your business?

If you answered yes to the questions above, we would love to have you join as a member retailer!

There are multiple benefits to becoming a member of Associated Food Stores. One benefit is strong purchasing power to help keep your prices competitive. Another benefit is access to experts in a variety of areas like: In-store engineering and development, financial services, insurance services, marketing, advertising, pharmacy, schematics, retail services, loss prevention, and retail technology.

Membership Requirements

  • Be a full-service grocery store (all departments)
    • we do not service internet sales, convenience stores, or restaurants
    • we do not service online marketplaces such as Amazon
  • Satisfies the primary supplier requirement if greater than 50% of all warehouse items carried in the store are purchased from Associated Food Stores, Inc
  • Demonstrate acceptable creditworthiness as evaluated by the Corporate Credit Department
  • Possess basic technology skills and equipment
  • Have pallet unloading capabilities
  • To be part of the AFS’ fluid dairy program you must participate in auto dairy ordering
  • Maintain a minimum average of $7,210 weekly purchases
  • Provide three years of financials or tax returns

Please complete the form below and our retail counseling team will be in touch.