Local Proud

Associated Food Stores was founded on the idea of local grocers banding together to help improve individual businesses and we continue with that philosophy today by sourcing local products when possible.

Through Local Proud we hope to:

  • Provide our shoppers access to high-quality local artisans, growers, and producers
  • Help grow the local economy by supporting and marketing local artisans, growers, and producers who in turn hire more local workers, infuse money into the economy and foster strong local cultures
  • Share our story and those of our partners

Our Leadership

David Rice
President & CEO
Roger White
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Travis Boman
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Justin Atwater
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Wade Judd
Sr. Vice President & CIO
Steve Miner
Sr. Vice President of Business Development; Pres. of Market Development, Inc.
Tim Conner
Sr. Vice President of Team Services
Jason Sokol
Vice President of Marketing
Darin Peirce
ARO President and Senior Vice President of Retail
Lezlie Sanders
Corporate Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board, Chip Atkinson — Atkinson’s Markets
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board, Brent Foulger — Blair’s Supermarket
  • Shari Badger — Lee’s Marketplace
  • Jim Benedict — Benedict’s Market
  • Robert Broulim — Broulim’s Fresh Foods
  • Mike Holm — The Market at Park City
  • Scott Hymas — Terrel’s
  • Mark Jensen — Harmon’s
  • Mark Ridley — Ridley’s Family Markets
  • Mark Stewart — Stewart’s Marketplace
  • Jason Pollard — Farmer’s Corner Market
  • Chris Gentry — Madison Foods
  • Paula Simerly — Simerly’s Market

Associated Retail Operations Board

  • Chairman of the Board, Brent Foulger — Blair’s Markets
  • John Bole, CEO — Yoke’s Fresh Markets
  • Dick Broulim — Broulim’s Fresh Foods
  • John Alston — Brookshire Bros.
  • Terry Hancock — Valley Market
  • Scott Hymas — Terrel’s
  • Tad Mancini — Mancini Sales and Marketing
  • Jim Meyer, retired President and CEO — Spartan Foods
  • Monte Peterson — Peterson’s Fresh Market
  • Abel Porter President — Fairway Markets in New York City
  • Terry Rogers — Davis Food and Drug