Retailers Prepare for Success at GM Show

Over 150 individual members of Associated Food Stores experienced a tremendous buying opportunity recently at the GM Show at the AFS corporate office. Held Feb. 10 to Feb. 23, the show featured Christmas décor and toys, Halloween, back-to-school and winter products. With dozens of categories represented, sales were fast and frequent.  

Gordan Sanders, Lisa Dall and others lead the effort. “The GM Show was extremely successful,” said Gordon. “We received positive feedback from retailers and are excited that they could take advantage of such great deals.” 

GM Shows are held two times a year. The first, which just occurred, is held in February, the second show is in August. Many team members are involved in the event including the category management assistants and many team members from the warehouse.  

“A lot of planning and teamwork goes into making the GM Shows appealing to retailers,” said Gordon. “Lisa and I along, with our two assistants, Traci and Emily, GM specialists and many others work very hard to make it a beneficial event for everyone involved.”