For many, meaningful work is about creating human connections to develop a deeper, richer work experience.  Here are some time-tested ways to build a human-centered, kindhearted work environment at Associated Food Stores.

  1. Show warmth, an interest in your colleagues’ well-being, and a desire to connect.

People quickly spot insincerity and coldness. Show genuine interest in your fellow team members and seek to connect them.

  1. Help someone with a challenge.

Have you ever had someone dig in and help you solve a real problem, a true predicament? You don’t forget. Seek out opportunities to collaborate and invest time in helping others.

  1. Keep your commitments.

People who unfailingly keep their commitments stand out. Keeping your commitments shows your respect of others in a profound way.

  1. Take the time, especially when it’s busy.

At times when you’re the busiest, there’s a good chance others are at their busiest too. It’s at times like this your team members need you most. Do your best to make time to show understanding and genuine sympathy for those around you.

  1. Listen intently.

Often, individuals care much more about how well we listen versus how well we speak. Seek to understand before providing input and advice.

  1. Treat others’ time as if it’s as important as yours. (It is.)

Being on time for work and meetings shows respect for our fellow team members. Make every effort to be prompt and attentive as you go about your work each day.

  1. Have fun!

Team members who have fun at work are happy employees, and happy team members are more productive employees. Not only that, but research shows that fun restores immunity, elevates endorphins, and reduces diseases and work absences.

  1. See the good in everyone.

Watch for and actively seek our opportunities to see the best in everyone. The vast majority of team members have the best intentions and when we assume the best we will likely find it.

  1. Be generous with your praise.

If someone says or does something you think is terrific or wonderful, remarkable or just plain nice, acknowledge it. Let our retailers and team members know how much you appreciate them and the work they do.