Macey’s was recently awarded honorable mention in the NGA Traditional Media category for its commercial series, titled, “We Get You.” The award was presented at the recent National Grocer’s Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

In the bustling landscape of retail, establishing a genuine connection with guests is often the differentiator between a store and a community cornerstone. Macey’s, with its long-standing commitment to store guests, aimed to share its understanding of shopper needs with the “We Get You” campaign, where the spotlight was not just on their products but on the team members in the store. 

The campaign, comprised of two commercials strategically slated for Q3 and Q4, sought to blur the lines between a store and its community. With the resonant theme “We get you,” Macey’s aimed to convey that its stores were not just retail spaces but integral parts of the neighborhoods they served. The commercials were carefully crafted narratives showcasing Macey’s team members as not just employees but as fellow members of the community. 

“We understand our guests, because we are our guests,” resonated through the heartwarming stories depicted in each commercial. By emphasizing that Macey’s team members live, work, and thrive within the same communities they serve, the message was clear: the connection ran deeper than mere transactions. 

Through thoughtful storytelling and a commitment to authenticity, Macey’s succeeded in not only showcasing its products but also in fostering a deeper connection with its customers. In a world where consumer loyalty is hard-won, campaigns like “We Get You” serve as shining examples of how empathy and community-centric values can elevate a brand from mere retailer to cherished neighbor.