Lin’s Cedar City was awarded the prestigious National Grocers Association (NGA) Community Choice Award for its partnership with Southern Utah University (SUU) at the National Grocer’s Association Show in Las Vegas this week.  

The partnership between Lin’s Cedar City and SUU came from a shared commitment to the community. Recognizing the challenges faced by college students, particularly in terms of grocery shopping and food insecurity, Lin’s Cedar City sought to bridge this gap by becoming a reliable and community-centered shopping destination. Rochelle Mellor, store director at Lin’s Cedar City, and her team were crucial in this partnership’s success. 

SUU, a prominent institution in Southern Utah, welcomed the collaboration enthusiastically. The partnership extends across various SUU sports, with Lin’s Cedar City featuring prominently in athletics events, particularly football and basketball. 

Steve Holm, the district manager, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “We saw an opportunity to not only support SUU athletics but also address the issue of food insecurity among students. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community.” 

The collaborative efforts between Lin’s Cedar City and SUU encompass a range of initiatives, from in-game sponsorships to community-driven events. Notably, Lin’s Cedar City organized a food drive during a football community night. The goal was to raise the weight of the football team in food. They surpassed their goal and collected 4,467.5 lbs. of food for local students in need. 

In addition to in-game activations, Lin’s Cedar City and SUU collaborated on digital marketing initiatives, extending the partnership’s reach to online platforms. Social media posts highlighted weekly deals and essential items to help students learn how to grocery shop while living on their own.  

The success of this partnership extends beyond tangible metrics. Mellor emphasized, “Community partnerships like this go beyond numbers. It’s about fostering connections and making a positive impact.”