The fifth annual Foodshow Auction (the fourth virtual version) took place on March 14 with both excitement and unbeatable deals for retailers. Held virtually, this year’s auction provided participants with the opportunity to capitalize on bulk buying and secure the best deals of the year. 

From 9 a.m. to noon, participants were treated to a thrilling bidding experience led by live auctioneers/team members Todd Bell, Kris Romeril and Gordon Sanders. Each item presented added to the excitement of the event, as retailers eagerly vied for the chance to purchase select products at the lowest pricing tiers. 

With a wide range of items up for grabs, from seedless grapes to Simply Done paper towels, there were 20 deals on some tremendously popular items. The auction proved to be a fantastic opportunity for retailers to bolster their inventory while maximizing their margins. 

Those who participated in this year’s Foodshow Auction not only saved money but also had a blast in the process. With unbeatable deals and a lively atmosphere, it was an event to remember. To learn more about the auction, watch this informative video about the team and process here.