Keeping our Drivers Safe with New Features  

Keeping our drivers safe and trucks in good working condition is and always will be a top priority of AFS and critical to our business. In 2019, AFS purchased 60 new trucks to replace worn-out equipment. On average, an AFS truck travels 630,000 miles over the five years of the lease. To put that into perspective, it’s only 2,800 miles from the East and West coasts of the United States, you would have to travel back and forth 225 times to accumulate that many miles! 

“Our drivers fulfill a critical role as a final link between AFS and our member retailers,” said Glen Keysaw. “We want to ensure they are as safe and efficient as possible and these new trucks go a long way in helping us deliver on that promise.”

These new white trucks not only look incredibly cool but are also packed with additional safety features to help keep our drivers safe. Some of the new features include: 

  • Collision mitigation radar (w/ auto-braking if needed)  
  • Lane departure warning  
  • Smart cruise (automatically paces forward traffic)