Corporate Office Gets Patio Remodel

Many team members at the Associated Food Stores’ (AFS) corporate office have noticed some cold-weather construction work taking place in the patio area outside the south doors of the cafeteria. When complete, the gazebo-like structure will provide much-needed shade for team members looking to enjoy the fresh air and a change of scenery. 

“The patio is such a nice place, but it gets extremely warm in the summer,” said Tim Conner, senior vice president, team services. “We expect the additions to the area will create a more inviting space for teams and individuals to spend time during their workday.” 

While the support structure will be completed this week, the fabric top is scheduled to go up in April just in time for warmer spring weather. New chairs and tables were recently added to the patio and new barbecue grills are also in the works. The fabric top will be installed each spring and taken down each fall to prevent damage during the winter. 

Russ Hatt, physical facilities manager, and Kendall Seegmiller, senior maintenance mechanic, have both been instrumental in the design and installation of the new gazebo. 

“We’re very excited for what this addition means for the team,” said Russ. “We think it will make for a great place for department functions, lunches, or simply to work outside for those who are able. We are always watching for ways like this to improve our workplace environment.”