In a move that is invigorating communication and culture across the company, AFS has successfully onboarded its Associated Retail Operations (ARO) division to the cutting-edge community platform, Engage. Engage’s powerful community and feed capabilities are supercharging how employees share knowledge, updates, and insights.

The new digital workspace provided by Engage has been enthusiastically embraced, especially by the newly integrated ARO team members. The platform’s communities based on interests, projects and affiliations have become thriving hubs of discussion.

Culture plays a pivotal role in our organization, fostering bonds and connections that transcend roles and departments. “Engage is a way for me to see what’s happening at all our stores and connect with them, shares Noah Barnett, a logistics analyst at the Farr West Distribution Warehouse. “Being in the warehouse, it’s incredible to see how many people are involved and Engage is a great tool to bring the company even closer together,” he says.

Engage has become a hub for sharing ideas, interests, and achievements. Each individual community brings an opportunity for team members to share in interests, ideas, and achievements. “I enjoy the Music Lovers community to see what’s happening locally, and the All Things Sports community to get a chance to win some tickets,” adds Noah.

As AFS looks to further collaboration and alignment between its combined operations, Engage is the future-forward solution enabling its dynamic workforce to work more connected. The enthusiasm and creative uses emerging from employees powerfully validates the platform’s value to AFS’s culture and operations.

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