Associated Food Stores is thrilled to announce that Bridge, the new AFS intranet, is officially live for ARO team members today, May 28. This exciting launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance communication and streamline access to vital information across our company.

Discover the Benefits of Bridge

Bridge is designed with team members in mind. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures team members find what they need quickly and effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for benefits information, payroll details, or the latest company news, Bridge puts everything right at your fingertips. Check it out here.

Here’s what you can expect from Bridge:

  • Streamlined Access: Say goodbye to endless clicking and searching. With Bridge, all essential information is consolidated into one convenient location, making your workday more efficient.
  • Personalized Content: The Bridge home page features stories and news curated just for you. Based on your department and groups, you’ll see the most relevant updates and information tailored to your role.
  • Easy Navigation: Access many new intranet pages directly from the home page. The organized layout ensures you can navigate through various sections seamlessly.

Stay Connected with Engage

In addition to Bridge, we’re also excited to introduce Engage, a community platform from Microsoft. Engage allows you to join “communities” based on shared interests, enabling dynamic interaction and collaboration across all team members, including those at ARO, corporate, and distribution centers. Check it out here.

How to Access Bridge and Engage

You can access both Bridge and Engage through the Microsoft Teams app, available on cellphones, desktop computers, and facility kiosks. If you prefer using your personal mobile device, downloading Teams is optional. To help you get started, we’ve provided easy-to-follow instructions on adding Teams to your cell phone, ensuring you can stay connected wherever you are.

Get Started Today

We encourage you to explore Bridge and take full advantage of all the features it offers. This platform is here to support you, making it easier to stay informed and connected with your colleagues.

If you have any questions or need assistance navigating Bridge, please contact your Store Director, or our support team is ready to help. Together, let’s embrace this new tool and continue to foster a more connected and efficient work environment.

Link to Bridge.

Link to Engage.