Ever wondered how Associated Food Stores recruits its many wonderful team members?

Being an employee of AFS, it’s likely you’ve interacted with the talent management division of team services, made up of Jennifer Howard, Kapena Clark, Whitney Ashdown, Amanda Diquattro, and led by Jane Hill. Together, they oversee the hiring, training and development of Associated Food Stores’ team members.

Amanda Diquattro is often the first face potential store team members associate with AFS. As part of the talent acquisition and management arm of team services, her priority is to help people further their careers at the ARO stores. She does this by supporting their hiring efforts with job postings and attending job and career fairs.

Amanda and Team Support Specialist (TSS) Dalton Peterson recently attended the career fair at Lehi High School to promote job opportunities within the company. She noted many of the students already had familiarity with Associated Food Stores’ banners but were perhaps unaware of all the great career opportunities that are available.

“We said one of the great things we can do is hire you at your age, and we’re local. You can just work here while you go through school, or you can make a career out of it and grow with the company.” Amanda shared.

Career and job fairs serve as an excellent platform for AFS to connect with aspiring young individuals and introduce them to the broad range of available roles .

Associated Food Stores remains committed to nurturing local talent and providing rewarding career paths. By participating in events like the Lehi High School career fair, AFS aims to showcase the wide range of opportunities available for students to kick-start their careers and join our ever-expanding team.

Referring Team Members will be eligible for a $200 bonus upon the hiring of the new employee for *certain positions.

Team members who want to recommend a friend or family member should encourage the prospective Team Member to apply for an opening in any of the listed positions/departments, and notify the TSS, Store Director or Assistant Store Director of the recommendation.

Once the new Team Member is hired, the TSS should notify Val Christensen of the new hire, at vmchristensen@afstores.com – (801) 832-1880. From there, you will be eligible for the bonus.

*Refer to the poster for further details.