Excitement filled the air in Richmond as residents eagerly gathered for the long-awaited grand opening of Lee’s Grocery Store on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023. The event, attended by a large number of locals, marked a significant milestone for the community, which had been yearning for a grocery store for years.

Shari and Jonathan Badger, mother and son, and the proud owners of Lee’s, were present at the grand opening and addressed the enthusiastic crowd. Shari expressed her gratitude to Associated Food Stores, stating, “We couldn’t do anything without them [Associated Food Stores]. But particularly, we’ve had Jared Mitchell and Erik Colvin who have helped us so much with the construction and with the equipment. It takes so much to make a grocery store, and we appreciate them.”

David Rice, president and CEO of AFS, took the stage to share his thoughts on the new store and its positive impact on the community. He expressed his appreciation for Lee’s grocery store and its dedicated owners. “Lee’s is the shining example of how wonderful our owners are at AFS. We’d also like to express our appreciation to the Richmond community, and we absolutely appreciate your support.”

Buddy the Badger, a beloved symbol of Lee’s Marketplace, made a special appearance, delighting the attendees with his unforgettable smile. The grand-opening event was a resounding success, reflecting the overwhelming support and anticipation from Richmond residents.

Lee’s grocery store in Richmond marks the seventh location in the esteemed Lee’s family of stores. With its arrival, residents now have convenient access to a wide range of quality products and the assurance of the store’s commitment to freshness and homemade excellence, including fresh popcorn, one-of-a-kind doughnuts, and renowned guest service.

As Lee’s Marketplace continues to serve Richmond, locals can look forward to an exceptional shopping experience rooted in the values of quality, freshness, and community connection.