The communications team at Associated Food Stores is thrilled to announce the addition of their newest team member, Patrick Anglade. With his exceptional experience and enthusiasm, Patrick is set to make a significant impact in his role as a Communications and PR specialist. 

Patrick is filling the role previously held by Elizabeth Barnett as she had accepted an assignment working on ARO’s marketing initiatives. In his new assignment, Patrick is responsible for developing and implementing communications programs and campaigns. 

One of his primary responsibilities is StoreLink where he functions as a liaison between marketing, communications and the information technology team to facilitate communication tool adoption and content enrichment. Patrick will also work with company leaders and team members to implement a new team member app and partner with other teams to maximize internal and external communications and PR efforts. 

Patrick has already had a phenomenal experience meeting the people within the organization. He was immediately impressed by the structure, dedication and passion exhibited by his colleagues and Patrick is excited to contribute his skills and knowledge to further enhance the team’s capabilities.


One of the standout features of Associated Food Stores for Patrick is the vibrant and supportive team culture. From the moment he joined, he felt a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship among team members. The collaborative and fun nature of his team has made every day a joyful and connecting experience and Patrick is grateful for the amazing support system he has found within the company. 

Patrick brings a range of valuable experience to his role, gained through his work in various marketing and communications positions in the past. He has honed his skills in crafting narratives that captivate audiences, fostering meaningful connections and implementing communication strategies that truly make an impact. With his distinctive background, Patrick possesses the necessary tools to develop and execute innovative PR campaigns that have the potential to enhance the company’s brand and reputation. 

Outside of work, Patrick has a passion for community involvement and giving back. He actively seeks opportunities to engage with the local community and contribute to meaningful causes. Patrick believes in the power of storytelling and plans to utilize his skills to share the inspiring stories of team members across the corporate office, distribution center and retail stores. Patrick, and his wife, Rebecca, have two daughters and live in Kearns, Utah. 

“We’re excited to have Patrick on the team,” said Rand Mickelson, director of communications. “We look forward to the valuable contributions he will make as he continues to grow within the company.”