Create Fall Décor with Items From Our Stores

The leaves are changing and the autumn cool breeze is here to stay. It is definitely time for fall décor. There is nothing more appealing than using fall fresh elements to cozy up your home, especially when it comes to decorating your porch or entryway. Your front porch is the first thing that welcomes you and your family home so you want to make sure it is visually appealing and inviting.

We have put together five fall porch décor tips to make your decorating festive, fresh, and fun!

fall fresh decor

  1. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins- You can never have too many pumpkins adorning your porch. There are so many varieties to use to draw everyone’s attention to your front door. Have fun with the assorted colors, shapes and sizes. Try stacking them, piling a bunch in a basket or creating a pumpkin pathway leading straight to your door. You will find so many choices at our stores. Stop in to see the many varieties we carry.
  2. Mum’s the word- We won’t be silent about the love we have for mums in the fall! Using fresh flowers like mums in your fall décor is always a hit. There are so many options when decorating with mums. The array of petal colors are perfect to balance out your porch. They help add height and dimension. Play around with placing the mums in different baskets to enhance your design style. Terra cotta pots, metal pots and wood barrels are just a few great ideas.
  3. Hay isn’t just for horses- Nope it’s for your porch too! Using hay in your porch décor is not only visually appealing but can also serve as seating. Throw a fall blanket and a few pumpkins around the edge and you have yourself a fall festive bench perfect for evening chats and cider sipping.
  4. Corn is a-MAIZE-ing- Cornstalks are great for framing out your porch. Placing two on each side of your door, window or porch columns can help draw attention to where you are wanting focus. Bundle them together with jute, twine or a pop of color fall ribbon.
  5. Lastly, have fun with it- Simple fall décor full of pumpkins, hay and corn is always great but venture out a bit and try new things. Want some different colors? Paint a pumpkin or use fun colored baskets. The most important part about decorating your porch is to express yourself so your family, neighbors and friends know the mood, feeling and fun they will have when they walk through your front door.

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