ARO Retail Referral Program

As a reminder, a new referral program is in place for all members of the Associated Food Stores’ team. Any team member who recommends a qualified applicant, and is hired for any of the following ARO retail positions: 

  • Deli department 
  • Bakery department 
  • Freight crew 
  • Pharmacy technicians 
  • Meat cutter: 

Referring Team Members will be eligible for a $200 bonus upon the hiring of the new employee for the listed positions. Upon the 90th day of employment by the recommended team member, both the new employee and the individual making the referral, will be eligible for a $100 bonus.  

When a team member has a recommendation, they should: 

  • Encourage the prospective employee to apply for an opening in any of the listed positions/departments, and 
  • Notify the TSS, Store Director or Assistant Store Director of the recommendation.  

The referral bonus is available to all members of the Associated Team. Please reach out to friends and family members who are looking for a great opportunity to join the Associated family!