It was a special day last Friday at Associated Food Stores as two former AFS leaders, John Hardy and Lenny Sperry, returned to join CEO David Rice on a tour of the Farr West Distribution Center. The visit was not just a reunion but also a unique opportunity to celebrate the rich legacy and dedication that have been integral to the success of AFS.

John and Lenny, who both played pivotal roles in the growth and development of Associated Food Stores over the years, left an indelible mark on the company, and their return was a moment of great significance for those who know them.

For John and Lenny, who have seen the company evolve through different eras, the tour provided eye-opening insight into the modernization and technological advancements that have become essential in the ever-changing landscape of the food industry.


As they roamed through the distribution center, John and Lenny couldn’t help but be impressed by the evolution and the continued commitment to excellence that defines Associated Food Stores. They shared stories of the past and marveled at the innovation and adaptability that have kept the company not just relevant but thriving in an ever-changing industry.

For David, Glen Keysaw, Ken Robinson and others, it was an honor and a privilege to have John and Lenny back, and it was a testament to the sense of family and unity that defines Associated Food Stores. The visit served as a reminder that the strength of the organization lies not just in its legacy but in the extraordinary people who make it all possible.