Project ROAR, the effort to enhance and automate various facets of distribution center operations in Farr West, has reached a crucial milestone with the completion of the first concrete pour. This significant step sets the stage for a new era of efficiency and productivity for Associated Food Stores.

The concrete, totaling 12 full trucks, was expertly poured by Big D Construction in the Phase 1A area, a pivotal section of the facility that will soon house outbound pallet build stations, a mezzanine and the critical product transfer deck. This area is central to the integration of automation systems.

The current warehouse floor, with a depth ranging between six to seven inches of concrete, has served AFS well. However, the addition of advanced automation systems from Symbotic demands a sturdier foundation. To support the weight and intricate mechanisms of these systems, a greater depth of concrete is required. This meticulous process ensures the distribution center has a robust base on which to build the subsequent automation structures.

With the concrete foundation in place, company partners at Big D are now turning their attention to the electrical requirements of this cutting-edge project. This phase involves the creation of a new electrical room and the meticulous task of pulling additional power into the building. This preparatory work is essential for ensuring a seamless integration of the new automation systems.

“Project ROAR continues to be a collaborative effort, and every milestone reached brings us closer to a future where efficiency, automation, and innovation go hand in hand,” said Justin Johnson, director of logistics and transportation. “Stay tuned for more updates as we continue toward our ultimate goal.”