This past weekend, communities across ARO’s service area witnessed a heartwarming display of Halloween spirit as team members hosted their annual store Halloween events. These festive gatherings transformed parking lots and other areas of the stores into safe, fun and enchanting environments that brought Halloween happiness to children and adults.

“The remarkable efforts of ARO’s store team members did not go unnoticed, as they embraced the Halloween season with enthusiasm and creativity,” said Jade Ramano, the marketing specialist who helped ARO promote their events. “Their commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve was on full display as they went the extra mile to ensure these events were memorable.”

For ARO, being more than just grocery stores means fostering deep connections with the community, and their Halloween events exemplify this commitment. These events were not just about trick-or-treating; they were a reflection of the stores’ ongoing dedication to creating welcoming and engaging environments for all.

During these events, ARO team members donned their most spooktacular costumes, transforming themselves into witches, ghosts, superheroes, and more, to greet store guests. For stores that hosted “trunk or treats” the rows of creatively decorated vehicles, brimming with delicious treats and surprises, set the stage for the memorable celebrations.

The ARO stores used these events not only to celebrate Halloween but also to boost local engagement and encourage people to visit the store. By offering a delightful and festive atmosphere, they successfully attracted increased foot traffic, strengthening the bond between the store and its guests.