Win with Exclusive Brands

Congratulations to the following team members who have supported our Exclusive Brands! As a reminder, we are now giving away three – $50 gift cards monthly, combining all receipts from the Farr West Distribution Center and Salt Lake City offices. The winners at the distribution center will get their gift card from Mike Fischio and corporate office winners will get their gift card from Jaycen Eggleston. Each month we draw a receipt that includes an Exclusive Brands purchase.

February’s winners are:

John Bruderer $50

Dianna Burbidge $50

Gordon Sanders $50

Looking for some Food Club inspiration? Try this easy Food Club lasagna recipe.

Lasagna Three Ways

We had you at cheesy, didn’t we? What makes cheesy even better? Food Club savings with our semi-annual Case Lot Sale.  Click the link to see how easy it is to prepare this new family dinner favorite. Stock up and save today on all the Food Club brand products you need to make it.

Three Lasagna Recipes