Team Member Benefits From AFS Scholarship

“I’ve finished five classes and I have four to go,” said Brooke Douglas, a marketing specialist on the Rewards Team at Associated Food Stores. “And believe me when I say, ‘if I can do it, anyone can!’”  

Brooke is speaking of the Retail Management Certificate sponsored through the Western Association of Food Chains. Brooke was awarded a scholarship for the eight-course college-accredited program and is making the most of her opportunity. “I’ve wanted to go back to school for a long time, but it is so expensive,” said Brooke. “So, when this opportunity came along, I couldn’t let it pass.” 

Starting her grocery career in 2004 in the east Ogden Albertson’s, Brooke has been working hard ever since. “I started off at the customer service desk developing pictures,” laughs Brooke. “That’s how long I have been doing this!”  

After moving from customer service to scanning in east Ogden, Brooke had the opportunity to become the scanning coordinator at Dick’s Market in Centerville, where she worked for the next 12 years, until 2018. “I loved working at retail,” said Brooke. “But in 2018 when she found out about an opening at the corporate office in the advertising department, I thought ‘I don’t think I will get it, but I at least need to give it a try.’”  

Brooke did indeed “get it,” and found her way to Allen Christensen’s team building weekly ads. After a couple of years building ads, Brooke joined the rewards team in the marketing department. While there, Jason Sokol, vice president of marketing contacted Brooke. “He approached me and said I would be a great fit for the Retail Management Certificate program,” said Brooke. “The place I work is willing to take a chance on me! To me, there is no greater compliment!”  

The journey so far has been challenging, but Brooke is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity. “I loved the Human Resources class. I learned so much about being a good manager. I’m taking an Excel class right now and learning a lot that I already can apply.” But out of the eight classes, there is one that has Brooke preparing to be pushed. “I have a Financial Accounting class coming up that I am dreading,” said Brooke, who caught herself before getting overwhelmed by the prospect. “But I love it all so much!” 

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Retail Management Certificate program or applying for an AFS Scholarship should contact Jane Hill in Talent Management: or (801) 978-8934. 

“It’s incredible that AFS invests in the team by offering full-tuition scholarships for this program,” said Hill.  “The Retail Management Certificate is an amazing opportunity and we’re so proud of our team members who take this step in their professional development!”   

“I would encourage anyone to try, 1,000 percent!” said Douglas. “It is completely worth it. You are betting on yourself. Associated believed in me and now I do too.”