It’s that time again! During the month of February, AFS team members have the chance to win a gift basket filled to the brim with goodies from Crav’n Flavor, as part of the Excusive Brand’s new receipt drawing giveaway. The giveaway includes some of the most popular sweet and salty snacks the brand has to offer, perfect for game day watch’n and everyday snack’n.

To be eligible to win the Crav’n Flavor gift basket or 1 of 4 gift cards, team members must spend $25 total in an AFS member retailer with $5 of that going towards Exclusive Brands. But if participants want to win February’s gift basket, they must also purchase 1 item of their choice from the Crav’n Flavor lineup and highlight it on their receipt. The item doesn’t matter as long as it’s from the Crav’n Flavor brand.

Known for affordable snacking options, some of the brands’ best-selling food items have a national brand counterpart. Take the Crav’n Flavor Creme sandwich cookies for example where the cookie is a comparable alternative to the famous Oreo cookie.

Other best sellers include break n’ bake cookie dough, a wide assortment of crackers and chips, restaurant style salsa, and even frozen meals and appetizers- many of which are included in February’s giveaway.

For Crav’n Flavor, it’s all about the taste, and the lucky winner will receive all these snacking essentials and more for February’s giveaway. Stay tuned for the announcement here on Team News for the second week of March.

See last month’s winner of the big basket, Terrie Beard!