Each year, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) publishes numerous studies that provide shopper insights pertaining to the grocery business. The reports give dozens of findings and interesting perspectives on what shoppers eat, how they feel and how they buy/get food.  

Team News frequently breaks down these lengthy studies into bite-sized bits of delicious details to help AFS team members and retailers better understand the habits and trends of today’s shoppers. Additionally, readers will get additional insight from experts at AFS. 

Here’s today’s fact from FMI: 

The Food Industry Association’s (FMI) recently released U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2022 series, titled “Holiday Shopping,” explores the sentiment and behaviors of consumers as they head into the holiday season. 

This year, the report found typical holiday stress is exacerbated by inflationary concerns, with 62 percent of shoppers reporting their grocery costs have increased year-over-year. Despite inflation-induced concerns, average weekly household grocery spending is currently at $148 per week, which is down from the $161 peak during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To mitigate increased costs, consumers say they are: 

  • Looking for deals (28 percent); 
  • Choosing store brands (21 percent); 
  • Enjoying more home cooked meals (20 percent); 
  • Making fewer dishes overall (17 percent); 
  • Substituting more affordable options (17 percent); 
  • Encouraging guests to bring dishes (17 percent); 
  • Spending less in other categories to provide holiday meals (17 percent). 

“Members of Associated Food Stores are well-positioned to assist consumers with their holiday essentials as well as their 2023 needs,” said Jason Sokol, vice president of marketing at Associated Food Stores. “Our stores have a variety of solutions to help guests and potential guests with their needs. We have tools such as websites, emails and social media that retailers can use to get word out.” 

Jason frequently publishes “3 in Three” a quick guide for AFS retailers who are looking to better communicate with their shoppers. The 3 in Three guides can be found on StoreLink by clicking here.