Introducing the dynamic new leadership team at Macey’s Little Cottonwood! Committed to excellence and driven by a shared passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, this dedicated group of individuals brings a wealth of talent, expertise and fresh perspectives to the soon-to-be-opened Macey’s Market store. With a focus on innovation, community engagement and fostering a positive work environment, they are poised to lead Macey’s Little Cottonwood to new heights. Get to know each member of the leadership team as they embark on this exciting adventure.

Macey’s has opportunities for enthusiastic team members who are interested in transferring to the new Macey’s Market, Little Cottonwood location to be a part of this exciting new team. Any team member who would like to request a transfer should submit an online survey request. Scan the QR below to access the transfer request form.

Brian Golliet

Store Leader

I started my career 28 years ago with Albertsons at the Granger location as a courtesy clerk. In my time at this location, I worked in most every department, eventually landing in the seafood department and learned how to cut meat. I transferred to another location to become a full-time meat cutter.

Throughout my eleven years in the meat department, I was in three different stores and a meat manager for two of those stores. I decided I wanted to move up with the company and jumped over to grocery as the manager. Associated Food Stores purchased Albertsons, and I continued as grocery manager, eventually being transferred to another store. In 2013, I was promoted to assistant store director and sent to Provo Fresh Market. After a few years at this location, I was moved to a couple different locations when I was promoted to store director in 2017 to the 17th south Fresh Market (now Macey’s Market Sugarhouse). In my time as store director, I have been fortunate to lead four different locations. I look forward to this new opportunity at Macey’s Market Little Cottonwood.

When I have free time with the family, we like to be outdoors. Whether that is riding wheelers, hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping. If we are not outdoors, my oldest son and I have a couple vehicle restorations we are doing. Currently, I have an older Chevy square body pick up and a Ford Mustang.

Brian Warnick

Assistant Store Director

I’m 30 years old, and a father of one. I was born and raised in Utah but spent my high school years in Arizona. I am currently living in West Valley. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, and going to concerts. Most of all though, I like spending time with my son Elliot who is 5 years old. We like to play outside either throwing a ball around, or riding bikes.

I have been in the retail business for nearly 13 years now. Prior to working with Associated Food Stores, I was working at Sam’s Club. I started out as an overnight freighter in the freezer and within a few years I had worked my way up to a department head and then onto an assistant manager. I made the switch to AFS in the spring of 2020. I began my career as a grocery manager in the Holladay location, and after about a year and a half was given the opportunity to become an Assistant Store Director for the Draper location. Eight months later I made a lateral move to my current location in Murray.

I have always had great passion for retail from the beginning, and knew if I put forth the effort, I could make great things come of it. There are so many reasons as to why I enjoy what I do, including working with so many great people; both who work for me and those who lead me. The most rewarding part of my job though, has to be the leadership role in of itself. I truly find joy in guiding and motivating people both inside and outside work.

Kea Jewell

Produce Manager

I basically am a native Utah girl, although my family moved here from San Diego when I was 5. My dad started an ornamental iron shop back then. With a family of only girls, we were put to work to help out. So, I learned early on, the importance of hard work and the impact it has on working together to accomplish what needs to be done. There was a grocery store next door. At the time it was Warshaws, for those who remember that name. The location soon became a Smiths. This is where my life in grocery took off.

Around late 1976, I worked in the GM department for years. I soon started a family and took a small break. Then, I started back at Skaggs Alpha Beta on Vanwinkle. They had over 1,000 applicants and hired 20 plus. I was excited to be one of those, hired to be a cashier, which soon turned into a floral position. Skaggs eventually left the valley, and I was moved to Albertsons, where I stayed for a short while, until there was a position available at Smiths as a full-time florist. From there I was offered a job to help open the new Fred Meyer downtown. This is where I began my career in produce. I was there 5 years when I was encouraged to apply at Albertsons again for a management position. I have been in produce for over 30 years now. I think it is one of the best departments to work in in the store, and I truly love it. I love creating a clean fresh department. I love the variety of work and being able to make people happy. It’s a perfect fit for me and there’s never a dull moment.

I have been married almost 45 years. We have two grown children and four adorable grandchildren. We love to travel when time permits. Some of my favorite places are Hawaii, New York, and now Texas, as our son and family have moved there. I love to hike, swim, and basically do anything outdoors. I’m very excited to be part of the team at Macey’s in Sandy.

Cindy Walker

Team Support Specialist

I’m a team member at the West Jordan Macey’s. My career with Associated Food Stores started in 2006. I started out on the front end, soon after I became the Floral Supervisor. I was the Floral Supervisor for ten years, during that time I won numerous awards, and honorable mentions for my displays, and sales. I later became the Cut-Fruit Supervisor and enjoyed making all the wonderful cut fruit and vegetables. With the faith of my store leadership, I was trusted with many other roles. I went on to become the Meat Deli Manager, Bean’s & Brew’s General Manager, Front End Manager, and now my current role as the Team Support Specialist. I love my current role; it has been so rewarding to see new hires come to our wonderful company and get them trained in the department’s. I love that my current roll gives me the opportunity to work with the community, I really enjoy learning new skills along the way and I really enjoy gaining information about our wellness programs, our 401k and many other benefits for our team members. I feel blessed every day to fulfill this role for our company.

When I’m not working, I’m off on an adventure with my husband Mel. We enjoy cruises, camping, fishing, hunting, Nascar, and sunsets. Together in our blended family, we have nine children, and twenty-seven grandchildren, that keeps us very busy, and I love it! In my free time I enjoy floral design, photography, making handmade gifts, crocheting, coloring, music, and dancing!

I’m looking forward to new adventures in my career, and excited for new opportunities. I’m ready to open new doors and keep growing in our wonderful company!


Jen Rollins

Deli Manager

I am the service deli manager for Maceys Holladay and have collectively been a part of the Associated Food Stores’ family for a mere 29 years! I have, over this time, made a career for myself and have also acquired a love and passion for what I do, with great help from my amazing team.

I have been married for almost as long as my work journey, at another startling 27 years, so you know now, I’m not afraid of change. My husband, Jason, works in the printing industry, and he too has been in it for, you guessed it, 28 years! Paige, our oldest (29) started her career path this last year, as an elementary school teacher and is married, here in Salt Lake. Chase (19) has a love for Legos in his spare time and works for the ever-famous pink Raising Canes in Midvale! 

My summers are my favorite and I enjoy them with riding my ebike, camping wherever the truck and camper takes us, kayaking, with my favorite place to visit being the gorgeous Bryce Canyon.

Kassie Davis

Front-end Manager

I have been a part of the Associated Foods Stores Retail team for 12 years now. I have worked at the American Fork location my entire career and have learned so much over the years.

I started out as a courtesy clerk in February 2012, I remember my first busy day was the Saturday before Super Bowl! I was instantly hooked. All the guests shopping, all the carts we were bringing in, running go backs to the isles, helping guest find products, everything. It was so fast paced, and with me being only 17 years old at the time, you’d think I was intimidated… but I wasn’t! I loved it! I knew I would enjoy working in this kind of business. I was constantly trying to be my best and go the extra mile.

A couple years later, I was promoted to a cashier. I worked as a cashier for only a few months before my Store Director and Front-End manager decided to have me help work the GM department as the assistant. I enjoyed working in two departments. A few years went by, and I decided it was time for me to move, yet again, and I became the Front-End Supervisor for the evening. I eventually worked up to the Assistant Front-End Manager, where I learned all sorts of the front-end operations. It was interesting to see all the “behind the scenes” work that I had no idea went into place to running a front-end. Ordering money, writing schedules, etc. It was announced that my Front-End Manager was going to another store, and boy, did I want her spot! I was ready to take the next step, and gratefully given the position! It’s been 6 years now that I’ve run the front-end and have loved every second of it. I look forward to the future in whatever comes next, I’ve always had the mentality to be challenged, work hard, and to keep moving up in this company and I certainly plan on it!

Lastly, I do enjoy the outdoors (shooting, fishing, hiking) at least once a year, I visit the national parks. So far, I’ve been to Crater Lake, Arches, Canyonlands, and Yellowstone.

Yolanda Ruiz

GM/HBW Manager

I started retail when I was 20 years old at Family dollar as a cashier. Then, I became a store manager in a year and stayed with the company for 6 years. I then decided I wanted to learn grocery side of retail, so I became a cashier at Fresh Market 1700 South. After that, I left for a year then came to Fresh Market 39th south as a front-end supervisor. Wanting to learn more, I became the GM manager. I’ve been with the company for almost 7 years. I’ve had great mentors including Janel Cameron and Lance. One day I would like to become ASD. I love being a mom and during my free time I like spending time with family and friends.

Destiny McGinnis

Bakery Manager

I have been with Associated Food Stores since I was 16 and I started 11 years ago!

I have had many roles since then. I started as a bagger, moved to a cashier, scan clerk, cut fruit clerk, front end supervisor, and now a Bakery Manager! Each position has been a fun growth opportunity and a learning experience within the company.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with friends, traveling to Texas to visit family any chance I get and being with my dogs. I have a three-year-old husky/heeler mix and a nine-year-old blind mixed pup who love to cuddle and take on adventures!

Jacob Brubaker

Grocery Manager

I’m a local kid born and raised in Sandy, Utah. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a loving and caring family through my whole childhood, who I have learned many traits and lessons from such as accountability, generosity, and the ability to appreciate the small things in life that are so easily overlooked. I enjoy helping others, appreciating family and friends, and thrive on the ability to learn and work with others. My friends and I have formed a small, tight-knit group that feels more like family than friends. We’ve been a good support system for each other.

I’ve always been an outdoorsman who loves to go camping and, my favorite, fly fishing the Utah/Idaho rivers. I also love to golf, hoping one day it will love me like I love it. The last two years I’ve been on a health and fitness kick where I have discovered my love for the gym. I try to go four or five times a week which has taught me consistency, devotion and has given me a new sense of confidence that has helped me improve and progress to where I am today.

I started my time at Macey’s when I was about 17 years old. At the time I thought it would be just a job to make a couple bucks as I went to college. When the Covid pandemic hit, it started me down a seven-year career path where I have met and worked with some of the best people. I have worked at many stores throughout my short time in this company. Originally starting at the Sandy store as a grocery stocker where I worked under one of my first mentors in life, Evette Guzle, I learned how to be a hard dedicated worker and to do things the right way even if it’s less convenient. I eventually transferred to Pleasant Grove when Sandy closed. There I worked under Justin and Brian as their closing key carrier for a year and half before becoming their assistant grocery manager. After a few short months, an opportunity at the Draper and Lehi stores opened up and I applied for their grocery manager positions. Still unsure if I was ready, Michael called me back and gave me an opportunity. I worked under Michael and Brian at the Draper Maceys for a short year and a half. That eventually led to Steve finding and evaluating me until he came to the conclusion that I was ready for a higher volume store. I then moved over to West Jordan where I met and worked under Amy Street and John Webster. Each of them has played a crucial role in my development where I have learned the skills and qualities of great leader and manager. They’ve been invaluable to my progression, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their leadership. It’s a bittersweet feeling to leave my current location. But I am honored and excited for the opportunity to come back home and open the Little Cottonwood store. I look forward to meeting my new staff and coworkers as we look towards opening day.

Jeff Hansen

Meat Manager

My name is Jeff Hansen. I have worked for AFS the last 10 years. I started on the freight crew at the Park City location back in 2013. I moved up through positions at the East Sandy location eventually managing the grocery department there. I made the transfer over to meat department as I have a lot of passion for quality freshness and production of fresh product. Since then, I have managed the meat department at the Holliday location for the last 6 years. I get excited about having the opportunity to deliver the freshest highest quality product to people and knowing it brings joy. I also really enjoy getting to be involved with all the new technology AFS rolls out and playing a role in innovation. This company has played a big role in my life and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunities I have had here and gotten to be a part of this community of people.

Outside of work I’m enthusiastic about personal fitness and enjoy participating in weightlifting, rock climbing, Jiu Jitsu, and hiking. I’m a big music enthusiast and enjoy going to events and playing a few instruments. I really enjoy cooking and that overlaps with my enthusiasm for meat as I know what is going to turn out the best when it makes it to the plate. I also currently attend college and it’s exciting when I’m able to apply what I’m learning there in my position at AFS. It’s important to me to always be pushing myself and trying to find as much success as possible in whatever I’m participating in and I’ve found many opportunities here at AFS with this mindset.