For 2024, our ARO Referral Reward Program for all members of the Associated Food Stores’ team. Any team member who recommends a qualified applicant, and is hired for any of the following ARO departments/retail positions will be eligible for the reward:

  • Delicatessen Department – all Jobs
  • Pharmacy Technician Job
  • Bakery Department – all Jobs
  • Graveyard Freight Stocking Job
  • Meat Cutter Job Cut Fruit Job

Team Members who refer a new hire to one of the jobs listed above will be eligible for a $200 incentive once the new hire completes their first two weeks schedules. Upon the 90th day of employment of the new hire, both the new team member and the referring team member will be eligible for a $100 incentive.

When a team member has a recommendation, they should:

  • Encourage the prospective Team Member to apply for an opening in any of the listed positions/departments, and
  • Notify the TSS, Store Director or Assistant Store Director of the recommendation.

Once the new Team Member is hired, the TSS should notify Val Christensen of the new hire, at – (801) 832-1880

Please be prepared to supply Val with the referring and new team members’ names and employee numbers, along with the job hired for and hire date. Val will initiate the initiative payout on the next eligible pay period after the new hire has completed their first two weeks schedules – should the new hire quit or not show for scheduled shifts, the referring team member will not be eligible for the referral incentive. Upon 90 days of employment, the referring team member and the new hire will both be issued the additional $100 referral bonus.

Referrals can be made by any AFS team member, for any eligible ARO store (Macey’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Lin’s and Fresh Market). Those referrals made for other openings not included in the list above, are eligible for the wallet credit referral bonus already in place.

Please take the included posters and have one placed in the break room and one by the time clock. If you happen to have ACE Hardware, please also post a sign there as well.

Please take the time at the next team meetings to refresh your team on the referral reward program.