As the highly anticipated case lot sale approaches, many teams throughout Associated Food Stores are working hard to be ready for the big promotion. Their efforts are crucial in making this sale a success. For team members, case lot is also a time to save big and take advantage of their exclusive 10 percent off Perks discount during this exciting period.

Here are some tips for making the most of Case Lot:

Make a Plan: Utilize the provided planning tools to ensure a successful shopping experience. Weekly ads and digital resources are available to help create shopping lists.

Shop Early: Beat the crowds by shopping early in the day. The sale starts on Wednesday, so consider shopping within the first few days to enjoy the best selections.

Buy What You Use: Optimize pantry space by focusing on items you use regularly. Assess your needs, match them with the sale items, and make every dollar count.

Shop In-Store or Online: Choose the shopping method that suits you best. Whether you prefer visiting the store or shopping online, tools are here to provide assistance and ensure a seamless experience.

Stock Up at Your Own Pace: Building your food storage is a gradual process. Begin with what you can comfortably afford and gradually build your supplies over time.

Don’t Pass on Perks: Take advantage of the Perks program, which offers incredible savings for team members and loyal shoppers. Use your points during the case lot sale to maximize your discounts.

Rotate Your Inventory: Adopt a stocking strategy by arranging items from back to front to ensure that products with shorter expiration dates are used first.

Keep Notes: Track your monthly usage to determine how much to buy. This knowledge will guide you in making informed purchasing decisions.

Store Smart: Store your purchases in a cool, dry place to maximize freshness and maintain the quality of the items.

Thank you once again for your dedication to making our case lot sale a success. Your commitment to providing outstanding service is truly appreciated. Don’t miss out on the incredible savings and remember to take advantage of your 10 percent team discount on sale items. Happy Case Lot shopping!