During back-to-back weeks in January, Associated Food Stores’ senior leadership met to plan and strategize for the company’s successful future. At the meetings, leaders representing every facet of AFS presented plans and recommendations to establish company priorities between now and 2030.

To begin the meetings, President and CEO David Rice invited the group to be open, to challenge each other and to share their dreams for what the company can become over the coming years. 

“There is so much to celebrate and I’m so excited to recognize the success of everyone on the team,” said Dave. “I also think we can always do better and our goal is to plan and prioritize how we can be better, smarter and more efficient in the future.” 

On the first day of leadership meetings, the following topics were discussed. Clicking on the linked headings provides more information on many of these key initiatives. 

“The nature of our business is often so intense day to day that we don’t always spend as much time discussing our plans for years down the road,” said Roger White, executive vice president and COO. “It was a great opportunity for our leaders to represent their teams in outlining where we want and need to go and how we will get there.” 

During the second day, the leadership group discussed plans for the following: 

  • Market development (potential new stores, remodels, etc.)
  • Team experience
  • Technology
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Finance and accounting 

Throughout all the discussions, a common theme was how plans for each part of the business benefits retailers and benefits the team.  

“We always need to start with the heart,” said Dave. “We also need to ensure our plans lead to the desired financial results. It’s a virtuous cycle that makes it possible for everyone to succeed.” 

More details about the 2030 plan can be found by watching the accompanying video. Additionally, leaders will address plans in person during FoodShow, annual meeting, team meetings and Retailer Connection meetings.