With incredible attendance at this year’s FoodShow and Annual Meeting, hopes soared for extraordinary sales results in 2024 and retailers, vendors and the team delivered in a big way. In 2023, FoodShow sales were $29 million. The team set their sights high for 2024 and the results have arrived. Thanks to so many people and so much effort, sales for 2024 were more than $33 million, or nearly a 14 percent increase over the previous year. 

Frozen and produce departments saw big sales jumps. Additionally, grocery experienced a big lift during the show. Other departments also saw remarkable sales.  

“Overall, the entire week was a tremendous success,” said Roger White, executive vice president and COO. “It was terrific to see so many retailers, team members and vendors and feedback has been incredibly positive.” 

The FoodShow auction, which allows retailers to bid on some of AFS’ best opportunities, resulted in more than $12 million in sales, a 20 percent increase over the $10 million total from 2021. Auctioneers Todd Bell, Gordon Sanders and Kris Romeril deserve a special shout out for not only facilitating millions of dollars in sales, but also bringing a spirit of fun and entertainment value to the festivities. Boyd Irving, Gordon Welch, Allen Christensen and Leigh Vaughn were also phenomenal “guests” at the auction. Shane Jacobson, Sarah Narramore and Katie Helfrich also played important roles in facilitating the virtual event. 

“It is amazing to see all of the hard work that goes into the show,” said Felicia Crosson, co-chair of the FoodShow. “It is a huge effort and to see the results makes it all worth it.” 

Victoria Burgamy, fellow FoodShow co-chair agreed. “It truly is a remarkable event and to witness the energy and companionship of ‘One Associated’ is amazing. We are already planning for next year!”