In the evolving and turbulent world of business, establishing a positive organizational culture is paramount for survival. At AFS, we understand that gratitude isn’t just a pleasant sentiment; it’s essential for our success.

Research has illuminated the profound impact of gratitude within organizations. A 2012 study suggests that receiving praise when trying a new skill, such as dancing, running, or playing an instrument like the clarinet, can enhance our brain’s ability to remember and repeat that skill. The study involved 48 adults who were taught a finger-tapping task. One group received praise for their own performance, another for someone else’s, and a third received no praise. The following day, those praised for their own performance performed better than the others. Praise activates the striatum, a brain region associated with reward, which researchers believe enhances learning during sleep, known as ‘skill consolidation’. Essentially, by offering compliments, we can aid others in learning and performing better.

Accolades, Associated Food Stores’ rewards and recognition program, offers a unique opportunity to harness the profound power of praise in the workplace. By encouraging colleagues to compliment each other on their achievements, whether big or small, team members can create, or reinforce, a culture of positive reinforcement and continuous improvement. Recognition shared through Accolades can create a ripple effect of positivity, since those who receive appreciation are more likely to give it.

Appreciation is not about a one-time event, but rather about creating a culture of gratitude. Make goals to show appreciation each day.

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