After 52 years of dedication, George Stafford, a cornerstone of Associated Food Stores (AFS), will bid farewell to his remarkable career on May 3. Despite his preference for working behind the scenes, his impact on AFS has been profound and he leaves an indelible mark on the AFS maintenance department. 

George’s journey began on March 16, 1972, when he first stepped foot into Associated Food Stores. Initially serving as a selector and forklift operator in the grocery warehouse, destiny soon beckoned him towards the maintenance team under the guidance of John Hardy. Alongside Richard Geary, George tirelessly navigated the evolving landscape of the organization, witnessing and contributing to many important transformations along the way. 

For George, work has been synonymous with passion and dedication. His mantra, “It ain’t that hard, come to work and do your job,” echoes through the distribution center, a tribute to his steadfast work ethic and humble demeanor. 

Glen Keysaw, vice president of distribution, has great regard for George. “George has been such an important part of the success of Farr West, ensuring that our warehouse is in optimal condition and the team has the tools to do their jobs efficiently. His consistent management of the facility and infectious optimism will be sorely missed.”

While George’s departure marks the end of an era, his legacy will endure, reminding all of the values he embodied and the standards he upheld. To celebrate, a department lunch will occur on May 3 at 11 a.m. in the Farr West Distribution Center maintenance area.  

“George may be the most dedicated team member I have ever known,” said Carl Jensen, director of distribution. “He has spent a lifetime here doing what he loves and it’s always reflected in his outstanding work. We’re going to miss him.”