Retailer feedback has led to two recent improvements in the StoreLink app portal. Retailers now have a bread ordering app that simplifies their ordering process. The dairy pricing app had a feature added to make things more convenient for users.  

The Dairy Automatic Ordering app allows retailers an easy and convenient way to place their weekly orders. It is this app that the new Bread Ordering app is based on. AFS programmer Mike Pontius created an app that allows retailers to place their bread orders from a computer once a week instead of using a Zebra to place orders twice a week. The new app shows the retailers’ last six weeks of purchases and supplies a suggested ordering amount. If a store forgets to order bread, the system will lock and order them the bread average. The app also ensures that the AFS team receives the order on time, so they can send it to the bread manufacturers.  

“We’ve heard great feedback from retailers about the new bread ordering app. It is exciting when we can take a process, like ordering bread, and work with retailers and our IT team to create a more efficient one,” said Duwayne Warren, AFS customer service manager.  

The Diary Pricing app allows retailers to compare and monitor the prices for different dairy products. The app originally only gave you the option to print the reports. Mark Lake, the owner of Midway Market, submitted a request via the StoreLink feedback form for an option to export the information to Excel. The SharePoint team reviewed the request and worked with the app developer to add the option.  

While not every request can be implemented, the SharePoint team takes feedback very seriously. If you have an idea for a feature to be added to StoreLink please submit a request via the feedback tool. If you need help with an application, please use the Retail Customer Support feature to submit a ticket to the Retail Tech Help Desk. Both buttons can be found in the footer of StoreLink.