Retailer Connection Meetings in Full Swing 

AFS has a long tradition of holding regional meetings throughout the company’s trade area to ensure AFS Members and AFS Executive Team members have frequent interaction. Two years ago, the meetings were interrupted by COVID-19, but the events are back for the second year in a row and participation has been high thus far. In addition to the meetings returning in 2021, they were also renamed Retailer Connection meetings to better reflect the purpose and goals of the events. 

“We know communication is so important for us and for our member owners,” said David Rice, CEO. “The time we have to listen to ideas and to answer questions from retailers is critical to our efforts to continually improve. We appreciate knowing what’s working well and what opportunities we have to be even better.” 

This year’s Retailer Connection meeting are Dave’s first as CEO and he relishes the opportunity to interact with so many member owners. 

“I deeply appreciate the interactions I have at the meetings, said Dave. “I have detailed notes that I will take back to the AFS team to ensure we follow up on what we learned.” 

Dave and other members of the AFS Executive Team have traveled to Colorado and have meetings scheduled in Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah in subsequent weeks. 

Many topics are discussed at the meetings and retailers are able to ask questions and interact directly with the leaders of their company. Some of the topics include driving retail sales, technology opportunities, attracting and retaining talent, centralized production, warehouse modernization and supply updates. Additionally, a retailer or two in each meeting provide background on their businesses and talk about ways they are progressing, differentiating and driving additional innovation.  

“The insight each of these members provide in the meetings is extremely valuable,” said Dave. “They share advice and suggestions that can help all of us as we strive to progress as a unified team.” 

Along with live discussions, AFS leaders prepared a Retailer Connection page on StoreLink. The page contains brief, insightful videos that provide additional detail on important, retail-focused subjects. Retailers who are not able to attend in person, or those who want more information, are encouraged to visit StoreLink and access the Retailer Connection page.