Happy Team Appreciation Week

This week we are celebrating YOU!

October 3-9 is Team Member Appreciation Week. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication every day of the year but wanted to take this week to show our gratitude a bit more. The various activities and giveaways that will be occurring this week are outlined below.

Giveaway Events:

On Tuesday 10/4 and Wednesday 10/5 we will be hosting giveaway events in the breakroom. Join us at 2pm on either day for a treat and to be entered to win a variety of prizes including Discovery Gateway tickets, Hogle Zoo tickets, Yeti Tumblers, and more!

Free Delicatessen Meal:

We recently launched a new line of Delicatessen meals. In celebration of the new meals and all your hard work, we are providing one free single-serve Chef’s Table Delicatessen meal to all team members. You can purchase the meal at any ARO location, and the discount will be applied at checkout when you use your Team Perks phone number October 3-16, 2022.


Our leadership team wanted to personally thank you all.

“A big thanks to our ARO and AFS Teams for all your hard work this past year. I am so appreciative of your passion and commitment to our customers, our purpose, and One Associated!”

– David Rice


“Dear ARO Team,

This week at ARO and AFS we are celebrating you as a valued member of our team and I want to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for each of you. Thank you for the way you do your job every day in our demanding business and thank you for taking great care of each other and our guests in such an extraordinary way. I feel very fortunate to work with you as my teammates and I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have to work with you in our great company!

I hope you have a great week!”

– Darin Peirce


“Over the past year and a half, I have had the chance to work more closely with the Farr West team. I am completely impressed with the hard work and innovative culture of this team. The past few years have been challenging for all of us but especially for the Farr West team. Dealing with supply challenges, inconsistency of deliveries, an empty warehouse, a full warehouse with product stacked down the aisles, not having enough team members to select product for our stores and so on. Even with all of these challenges they still manage to get the job done. Fulfilling the critical job of getting groceries to our

retailers. To the Farr West team, we appreciate you and all that you do four our retailers and for one AFS. Thank you!”

– Roger White


“Hello Team,

It gives me immense pride in saying to everyone how great you are as Team Members. Your diligence and detailed approach towards your work has set a benchmark for not only our division but all of ARO. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts making us the very best.”

– Chris Otteson


“I’m extremely grateful and thankful for your hard work and service at Lin’s. I want you to know it hasn’t gone unnoticed! I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to each of you who show up every day and give it your all. Thank you for bringing so much value and contributing to the success of Lin’s.

Thanks for not going ‘nuts’ when everything that was happening around us seemed liked a never ending ‘circus’! Your dedication, attitude and especially your unrelentless service adds so much to the success of Lin’s! Thank you! I appreciate every one of you for what you do each day.

Whenever I think of the term ‘Most Valuable Player’ Lin’s Team Members constantly come to mind! You show up to work in great form every day, with a positive attitude that makes it such a pleasure for me to work with each of you. It’s such an honor for me to have Team Members of such high caliber working for Lin’s. Thank you so much for all you do to make us successful.

– Steve Holm


“Hello Team,

This is a great week as we get to celebrate each of you! Without question the grocery industry has been hectic, especially over the pasts few years, and I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to each of you for all your hard work and support you have given in taking care of our guests and communities. One of my favorite quotes comes from Henry Ford,

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success!“. Each of you plays a key role in the success of this organization, not to mention the success of one another. I’m honored to work with such an amazing group of individuals, so thank you once again for being such an amazing team!”

– Steve Skinner