With record snowpack and continued precipitation, parts of Utah are already seeing flooding and other areas remain on high alert. The concern is top of mind for Associated Food Stores and Associated Retail Operations and the expert team members with assignments for safety, asset protection and operations.

Greg Welling, vice president of operations for Associated Retail Operations, Lance Satterthwaite, director of asset protection, David Karpowitz, asset protection manager and others collaborated to provide stores with updated flood-preparedness plans this week.

“We want to ensure our stores are ready for any emergency,” said David. “We also want our team members to be aware of what they can do to be prepared at home as well.”

The provided store plan outlines what to do in case of flooding including who to notify, how to protect team members and merchandise and, should the situation dictate, evacuation procedures.

“While we don’t currently see significant areas of flood risk for our store locations, we do carefully monitor what’s happening and will remain vigilant throughout the spring,” said David. “We know of a few stores that have docks that could flood and appreciate the store teams for their efforts to be well prepared.”

David strongly recommends team members assess their home situations and take steps to prepare based on individual situations. The link here provides a checklist of items to consider.