After a successful grand opening on Wednesday, November 8, the celebrations at Macey’s Market Pinebrook continued Saturday, November 11. The main event, a Day of Charcuterie, was hosted by Danerish and her delicatessen team.

A Day of Charcuterie was born when marketing specialist Jade Romano wanted to organize a grand-opening event that truly resonated with the Pinebrook community. “We know that specialty cheese and charcuterie boards are important to this community, so we thought this would be a great way to connect with them.”

The event lasted from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and took place inside the Summit View seating area of the store. Local vendors and deli team members were there, offering samples of their products and providing tips on how to incorporate them into a charcuterie board. A tutorial on how to make a salami rose was especially popular.

Once an hour a random participant was chosen to win a charcuterie board that had just been made by one of the vendors. One of the winners was a mom who was there with her two children. The family often enjoys charcuterie boards together, but this one would be extra special because she had just completed her last round of chemotherapy a few days earlier. Another winner was a veteran whose Veterans Day celebration would now include a charcuterie board.

To add to the event, the delicatessen had a special two-day sale on some of the items from the event. Guests shopping at the store on Saturday and Sunday could receive a 20 percent discount on select deli products. Guests could also enter to win a basket valued at $200, which included all the charcuterie essentials and a gift card to Macey’s Market for guests to use to purchase any additional items. Delicatessen sales were up almost 108 percent

Delicatessen manager Danerish Root coordinated the efforts, “The vendors were excited to be a part of this event, and we all feel it was a tremendous success! Feedback from guests was positive, and the excitement in the air was tangible. I’m excited to keep doing similar events in the future! A big thank you to Jade for all her support and to my team.”

The festivities didn’t end at the delicatessen. As guests did their shopping, there were samples from the local company Lehi Roller Mills and a popular plant-based company, Probar.

To complete the “happy shopping” experience, as guests were checking out, several of them were surprised with a special “thank you” from Store Director Marci Rodriguez. At least once an hour, Marci would introduce herself to a guest during checkout, thank them for shopping at Macey’s Market Pinebrook, and announce that she would be paying for their groceries. Winners were in awe and showed immense appreciation. Many of them commented on how much they liked the transformation of the store.