Macey’s Launches Red Button Vintage Creamery Treat Shop 

When Associated Food Stores (AFS) launched Red Button Vintage Creamery ice cream years ago it was with high hopes, lofty goals and maybe a few sleepless nights as team members put months of work to the test.  

What started as an ice cream line expanded to include gelato and fruit and cream pies. Several independent store owners, including Peterson’s in Riverton, Utah and Ridley’s in Midway, Utah, introduced scooped ice cream in their stores.  Then, this winter, Red Button Vintage Creamery candy debuted on AFS members’ shelves and future plans include gourmet popcorn and in-line peg candy. Tomorrow at noon, at Macey’s in Provo, Utah the store will introduce the first, free-standing, 100 percent branded, Red Button Vintage Creamery Treat Shop. 

“It’s been remarkable to see the brand grow,” said Boyd Irving, vice president of exclusive brands for AFS. “Red Button Vintage Creamery is not only one of the most popular brands of ice cream in the region but is demonstrating itself as a real player in other categories as well.  It is a multi-million-dollar brand and continues to get bigger and bigger.”


Wanting to add more “attractions” to its stores, Associated Retail Operations (ARO) collaborated with team members at AFS to develop a shop, menu and sales and marketing plan to make the most of the exclusive brand. The shop will offer scooped ice cream, original and traditional milkshakes as well as gourmet cookies.  

“We were challenged to have the shakes be something that will truly be a differentiator for us,” said Danerish Root, delicatessen sales manager, ARO. “We feel our offering will genuinely raise the bar for shakes in our state.” 

Danerish and her team are excited to offer hand-crafted shakes and waffle bowls with flavors like rocky road, cotton candy, banana split, brownie, peanut butter bar, circus animal cookie, birthday cake, raspberry cheesecake and monster cookie (chocolate chip). 

Similar efforts went into development of the gourmet cookies. Dozens of AFS team members participated in a tasting event to test and try a variety of flavors and styles. Then, Jill Carter, bakery sales and merchandising specialist at ARO, took what she learned and refined her recipes until they were perfect. 

“We have cookies that will definitely match up with the high-quality standards set for Red Button Vintage Creamery,” said Jill. “We feel we have the right product, the right pricing and the right packaging to succeed.” 

Building and maintaining the Red Button Vintage Creamery brand has been a labor of love for Boyd and many members of the AFS marketing team. 

“We take our work with Red Button Vintage Creamery very seriously,” said KC Carlson, art director, AFS. “While there are many packages, boxes, billboards, décor elements and more we aim to have a brand consistency and voice that is on target across product lines. Our ability to expand the brand while staying true to its roots continues to pay off.” 

Like the high expectations for ice cream years ago, goals for the treat shop are grand. “The team has done a phenomenal job to get us to this point,” said Darin Peirce, vice president, ARO. “We are so excited to introduce all of the hard work to shoppers.”