Macey’s and Lin’s Prepare Holiday Television Commercials 

Last week, AFS marketing team members and the store teams at Macey’s in West Jordan and Lin’s in Price provided ideal locations to shoot the next round of commercials for Macey’s and Lin’s.  

District Managers Chris Otteson, Steve Skinner and Steve Holm, Store Directors Amy Street and Dick Raich, and others were instrumental in preparing the stores for the production crews. Making stores that are completely merchandised for fall have a Christmas holiday backdrop took significant coordination and store teams rallied to “deck the halls” of their locations in tremendous ways. 

Being in extremely competitive locations, it has never been more important for Macey’s, Lin’s, Dan’s, Fresh Market and Dick’s Market to be top of mind for consumers. Each week, thousands of shoppers, and potential shoppers, see digital and traditional marketing messages highlighting weekly specials, ecommerce offers, holiday promotions and more. Part of the marketing portfolio for Macey’s and Lin’s includes strategic use of video.

The Associated Retail Operations’ (ARO) team and the Associated Food Stores’ (AFS) marketing team continually collaborate to ensure the right messages are sent at the right time, through the most effective channels.  

With a holiday theme, the new commercials highlight the many solutions guests can find throughout the winter season. The new commercials will begin running on television and digital platforms in the coming weeks.  

“Summarizing all our stores offer during the holidays in 30 seconds is a challenge, so dialing in a focused message is very important for our success,” said Heather Hall, marketing manager. “It takes a great amount of organization, teamwork and creativity on the part of so many people. We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed and look forward to seeing these brands on center stage soon.” 

For a behind-the-scenes video view of the new commercials, watch for November’s episode of AFStv.