Laptops, iPads, cell phones, jump drives and other portable devices still pose a significant risk if lost or stolen.  If data is downloaded and stored on these devices this allows for possible credential theft, data leak and accounts to become compromised. 

The good news is with security awareness there is a better understanding of securing devices, which means not leaving them unattended in public, office settings or in sight within a parked vehicle.  In addition, using strong passwords and multifactor authentication (MFA) will help combat entry into those devices. 

Importantly, let your organization know immediately when a device is lost or stolen so, hopefully, IT can address any security risk remotely before it becomes a problem. 

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Did you get scammed or know of suspected malware?  If so, file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.  If you suspect you may be a victim of ID theft, the FTC offers an identity theft recovery plan. 

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