Get a First Look at Macey’s Brand Evolution 

Brand evolution is the process of continually improving a brand. It also includes improving customers’ and potential customers’ opinions of the company as times, markets, fashions, and consumer needs change. 

For Macey’s, one of Associated Food Stores’ corporate stores, brand evolution is a constant consideration as the company strives to remain relevant and on-trend. The need for rebranding surprises some. While some may think branding is complete when a company first starts, for a company to remain successful for years to come, it’s important to adjust as times change.

Macey’s last updated its brand and décor in 2016. At that time, the banner was based on being an affordable/upscale store. Over the last six years, the market and Macey’s have evolved and leaders felt it was time to make updates to match that evolution. 

Before making changes, the Associated Retail Operations (ARO) team partnered with Associated Food Stores’ marketing and design team to conduct research. Several surveys and focus groups were deployed to test brand sentiment, store features, colors, décor designs, names and more. Understanding guest preferences is key to building, maintaining and expanding a brand. 

The teams met frequently to review research findings and to incorporate learnings into potential brand enhancements. 

“It truly is a team effort,” said Heather Hall, ARO marketing manager. “We need to hear what our guests prefer and what leaders recommend based on the experience we offer in-store and online. Then, we create data-driven design to ensure Macey’s is positioned to meet the goals we set together.” 

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The design team, led by Creative Director Wayne Dalton, developed options to enhance the logo, typefaces, colors and textures that are used consistently in store and in marketing and advertising efforts. 

“It’s a challenging assignment as we don’t want to lose what makes the brand great already, but we do want to stay current and modern,” said Wayne.

Heather and Wayne worked with David Rice, Darin Peirce, Ashlee Johnstun and others to update the logo, décor, uniforms, website and weekly ad visuals. 

“Since first seeing the brand improvements, I have been so excited,” said Darin. “It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of the process. The Macey’s team is fantastic and they deserve to have a brand that matches the phenomenal experience they provide our guests.”  

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The new elements will fully debut in the Jeremy Ranch store which is anticipated to have a re-grand opening following a remodel in late 2023. Semi-permanent signage throughout all Macey’s stores will be updated over the next few months.