For over 47 years, Todd Porter was an integral part of the Associated Food Stores family. Working in the store engineering and development department, he formed countless friendships and earned the admiration of retailers and fellow team members. His love for his colleagues and his infectious positivity were truly unparalleled. Even through personal challenges, including battling cancer multiple times, Todd’s determination and gratitude never wavered. He faced each obstacle with strength and grace, leaving an inspiring legacy of resilience.

Todd passed away on August 21, at the age of 72. His spirit lives on through his loving wife Cammy, his three children and their spouses, as well as his eight cherished grandchildren. To learn more about Todd’s incredible journey and his impact on those around him, read his obituary here. 

“Todd’s contribution, leadership and influence in our department will forever be felt,” said Steve Miner, president of Market Development Inc., who worked with Todd for decades. “He exemplified a warm, kind, charming, caring, humorous and genuine personality. He led the department with honor and integrity with a quiet demeanor and was 110 percent trustworthy. I pause and pay tribute to a man and team member who gave over 40 years of service to this great company and cause. He will be missed but never forgotten.”