Starting the end of May, ARO team members will have access to two innovative platforms designed to streamline communication and connectivity across the company. These tools, Bridge and Engage, promise to make accessing company information and connecting with colleagues easier than ever before.

Introducing Bridge: The New AFS Intranet

Bridge, the new AFS intranet, is set to revolutionize how team members access essential information. This user-friendly platform will consolidate critical resources such as benefits, payroll information, and other company updates into a single, easily navigable location. The streamlined interface reduces the number of clicks and searches required to find relevant information, making the user experience more efficient.

One of the standout features of Bridge is its personalized content delivery. The home page can display stories and news tailored to individual team members based on their specific departments and groups. This customization ensures that employees receive the most pertinent information, keeping them informed and engaged with company developments.

Engage: Connecting Through Communities

Complementing Bridge is Engage, a community platform powered by Microsoft. Engage is designed to foster communication and collaboration among team members through the formation of “communities.” These communities are groups of people with shared interests, allowing for dynamic interaction and networking across various segments of the company, including ARO, corporate, and the distribution center.

Through Engage, employees can chat, share ideas, and collaborate, enhancing the sense of community and teamwork within AFS. This platform encourages the exchange of knowledge and support among colleagues, breaking down silos and promoting a more cohesive work environment.

Accessing Bridge and Engage

Both Bridge and Engage are accessible through the Microsoft Teams app, which can be used on cellphones, desktop computers, and facility kiosks. For those who prefer to use their personal mobile devices, downloading Teams is optional. The project team has committed to providing straightforward instructions to help employees add Teams to their cell phones, ensuring that everyone can take full advantage of these new tools.

The introduction of Bridge and Engage marks a significant step forward in enhancing internal communication at AFS. By providing easy access to important information and fostering a sense of community among team members, these platforms are set to improve both efficiency and engagement across the company. Embrace these new tools and discover a more connected and informed ARO experience.