Bob King’s journey through the grocery industry spans nearly five decades, with the last 29 years spent at Associated Food Stores (AFS), an experience that deeply shaped both his professional trajectory and personal life. From the outset, Bob recognized AFS as more than just a workplace—it was a community where he found belonging and purpose. Under the welcoming leadership of Rich Parkinson, then president and CEO, Bob felt embraced and valued, setting the tone for his impressive tenure.

Transitioning from Pocatello to Salt Lake City in 2004, Bob was asked to serve as director of retail services, where he learned invaluable lessons in localization, accountability and teamwork. These principles, starkly different from the micromanagement culture of his past work experiences, shaped Bob’s leadership style, fostering a collaborative environment.

Throughout his time at AFS, Bob was guided and supported by mentors like Bob Obray, Rich Parkinson, Lenny Sperry, Jerry Dewey, David Rice, and Steve Miner whose compassion and belief in him cultivated a deep sense of responsibility to uplift others—a legacy Bob holds dear.

As Bob looks to retirement, he entrusts AFS’s future to capable hands while imparting timeless wisdom to the next generation: “Show, don’t tell,” said Bob. Bob also hopes that confidence, humility and a dedication to empowering others will continue to be guiding traits.

Bob’s tenure at AFS was not just marked by professional growth but also by profound relationships with member retail owners. Bob’s relationships with retailers often went beyond business and these connections were grounded in mutual respect and shared goals, showcasing Bob’s genuine care and steadfast support of the independent grocer.

“I’ve always cherished the opportunity to work alongside our retailers, as their passion and dedication have continually inspired me throughout my career,” said Bob.

Family has always been at the heart of Bob’s priorities, with his wife Connie, five sons and 15 grandchildren providing ongoing love and support. As he bids farewell to the grocery industry, Bob says it’s these cherished relationships that he’ll miss the most.

Driven by a desire to serve others, Bob is excited about retirement, where he plans to engage in religious missions, reignite his passion for basketball and indulge in his love of woodworking. In celebrating Bob’s career, the team at AFS honors a lifetime of dedication, commitment to family and a deep respect for AFS member retailers and their communities. As he embarks on this new chapter, his impact on AFS and all whose lives he touched illustrates the enduring strength of integrity, diligence, and most importantly, love.