At the first in-person Associated Food Stores’ annual meeting in two years, AFS’ highest honor was presented to Shari and the late Lee Badger. The Donald P. Lloyd Spirit of Independents award is presented to a member retailer who exemplifies the strength of character, mental fortitude, and steadfast determination of Associated Food Stores ‘ founder. 

Lee passed away in 2009 after decades in the grocery business. Shari has been in the grocery industry for over 40 years. Lee and Shari worked together to build a remarkable grocery company. Founded on their values of cleanliness, quality, and friendly service, they quickly became a vital part of the community. These values endure as foundational aspects of their outstanding company.  

At the meeting, Shari expressed surprise and gratitude for the award. She was unaware of the acknowledgment until she arrived at the meeting and discovered a collection of close friends and family in attendance. Shari thanked the Lee’s team and Associated Food Stores for their help and support. She also relayed a sentimental story from Lee’s recent grand opening of their Herriman store. Lee, who passed away from ALS, loved eating Wint-o-Green Lifesavers. At the event, a package of the time-honored candy fell and broke open. Shari took it as a sign that Lee was there and was proud of the significant progress the Lee’s team continues making as they work to represent the legacy he and Shari began.