Do Shoppers Value Eating at Home More or Less than Last Year? 

Each year, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) publishes a study called “U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends: Future Outlook.” The 20-page report gives dozens of insights and interesting perspective on what shoppers eat, how they eat and how they buy/get food.  

Over the coming weeks, Team News will break down the lengthy study into bite-sized bits of delicious details to help AFS team members and retailers better understand the habits and trends of today’s shoppers. Additionally, readers will get additional insight from experts at AFS. 

Here’s today’s fact from FMI: 

One of the benefits that COVID-19 brought to families was strengthening the connection through food. As people stayed home and/or cut back on activities, they were able to spend more time as a family, including eating together. The percent who thought this was extremely important topped off at just over one-third (34%), including over half of those with families (51%). This year, as schools came back in person and children’s activities started up again, the percent indicating eating together as a family/household is extremely important dropped to 30%, with 44% of households with children giving it such a high rating. 

“With this fact in mind, it’s important we continue emphasizing our convenient meal options,” said Ryan Woodfield, meat sales manager. “The Easy Meals we feature in the meat departments at ARO are a great way to make eating dinner at home as a family as simple as possible.”