Learn What’s Coming from Asset Protection 

In October of 2021, Lance Satterthwaite joined Associated Food Stores’ (AFS) as the director of asset protection. Since that time, Lance and the asset protection team have continued to create and enhance asset protection programs and services to benefit both Associated Retail Operations (ARO) and the hundreds of member retailers who own AFS. 

The asset protection team helps retailers protect their businesses through food safety, loss prevention and general safety. Requirements from OHSA, local government and health departments, and other regulatory organizations can be overwhelming. The asset protection team works to stay current and help guide retailers, so store teams can focus on daily business operations.   

The team offers a range of services to help with food safety, loss prevention and safety including annual compliance reviews, monthly newsletters and help with regulations and trainings.   

“We’re dedicated to improving our training. We want to go beyond pamphlets and better utilize video and other current tools to ensure retailers, and their team members, are up to date,” said Lance. “We anticipate the new training will be available in the fall of 2022.” 

One example of the improvements is the adjusted the safety program. The program is being tested with great success and will be ready to roll out after final touches are complete. The team is also working on exception-based reporting, a data analysis process that compares incoming streams of information from a system, such as a grocery store check stand, to an established set of data. Then, the program pinpoints items that deviate from the defined norm or exceptions to the rule. The program helps prevent fraud and is expected to be available in early 2023. 

“We provide scores to store leaders so they know where they are doing well and where there may be room for improvement,” said Lance. 

The asset protection team measures their success as well. The team has a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) this year to help ARO reduce injuries by 10 percent and are currently on track to achieve and exceed that mark. Stores interested in improving their asset protection efforts are encouraged to contact any member of the asset protection team. Along with Lance, the asset protection group has four other team members, each with a defined specialty: 

  • Bill Thurman – Loss Prevention 
  • Dave Karpowitz – Safety Manager 
  • Rob Suarez – Food Safety  
  • Tammy Paffhausen – MRO Relations