Do Shoppers Feel They Have Healthy Eating Habits? 

Each year, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) publishes a study called “U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends: Future Outlook.” The 20-page report gives dozens of insights and interesting perspective on what shoppers eat, how they eat and how they buy/get food.  

In a continuation of the series, Team News breaks down the lengthy study into bite-sized bits of delicious details to help AFS team members and retailers better understand the habits and trends of today’s shoppers. Additionally, readers will get additional insight from experts at AFS. 

Here’s today’s fact from FMI: 

Many shoppers feel they are eating healthy, but there is room for improvement. Forty percent (40%) see their diets as healthy, with 37% believing they could be somewhat healthier. This is comparable to last year, suggesting people might be settling into some post-pandemic healthy habits. 

“As shoppers seek healthy solutions, we have great opportunities to highlight the amazing, wholesome products we carry throughout our stores,” said Leigh Vaughn, director of produce for AFS. “The produce department is a great example. As we emphasize our commitment to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, and then promote those items through merchandising and marketing, we drive additional sales and help encourage healthy communities. The ‘Food as Medicine’ program is one of many examples of how this works on a regular basis.”