Cravn’ Flavor Saltines

As you walk down the cookie and cracker aisle you see a large Exclusive Brand presence of Crav’n Flavor and a disconnect with saltines as they currently reside under the Food Club label. To get better brand continuity down the aisle we will be transitioning the Food Club saltines and oyster crackers from Food Club over to Crav’n Flavor. This transition will occur mid-July as soon as AFS receives the new Crav’n Flavor product. All Food Club items will sub over to the new Crav’n Flavor when ordering the Food Club item codes. Assortment will include 16oz. regular, low salt and wheat saltine crackers, 32oz regular saltine crackers, along with oyster crackers in a box.

With Saltines being one of the highest volume items in the cracker category, Cravn’ flavor is thrilled to extend its product offering to include Saltine crackers and oyster crackers. All of the cookies and crackers under the new Cravn’ flavor brand offer the same quality and a better value than the national brand equivalent, making Cravn’ flavor a win-win for your consumers and retail store owners.