Associated Food Stores’ digital coupon program has achieved a significant milestone, with store guests having collectively saved more than $1 million using digital coupons since January 1, 2024. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of digital coupons in driving sales and enhancing customer loyalty for participating AFS member retailers.

“The success of our digital coupon program highlights the value it brings to both our customers and our business,” said Jessica Cronin, rewards manager at Associated Food Stores. “By giving guests coupons that can be used up to five times, coupled with promotions on our Exclusive Brand products, we’ve created a win-win situation for everyone.”

Digital coupons play a crucial role in influencing customer loyalty and retention, as Jessica explains, “Knowing they have clipped coupons ready to go in their account encourages additional trips to the store and provides added value for our loyalty program members.”

To promote and distribute digital coupons effectively, AFS helps retailers employ a multi-faceted approach, including weekly emails, website and app marketing and social media engagement. Additionally, the introduction of a new “Finder” app feature, where customers can scan a barcode on the shelf tag or product to access digital coupons, has enhanced accessibility and convenience.

“This innovation made it easier than ever for guests to access and redeem coupons,” said Jessica.

The effectiveness of digital coupon campaigns is measured through insightful data analytics, including engagement metrics and redemption rates. The scorecard tracks customer engagement with digital coupons, allowing AFS and its members to identify popular offers and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

As for best practices in designing and executing digital coupon campaigns, AFS emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive rollout plan and strategic marketing efforts. “We provide our retailers with a turnkey program launch kit and recommend in-store displays and signage to maximize engagement,” said Jessica. “Social media and email campaigns are also utilized to drive sign-ups and coupon clipping.”

Personalized digital couponing and exclusive offers tailored to individual shoppers are expected to shape the future of digital couponing. AFS is exploring trends such as personalized offers and expanding into basket and bonus point digital coupons to further enhance the customer experience.

Retailers interested in learning more about rewards or digital coupons are encouraged to contact Jessica at 801-978-8465 or at