David Hermansen is preparing to step into the next chapter of his life, retiring after a distinguished career spanning over three decades at Associated Food Stores (AFS).

Looking back on his career, David recounts a myriad of memorable moments that have shaped his professional trajectory. Having worked under five different CEOs, David’s journey at AFS showcases adaptability and perseverance. 

David’s personal evolution within the company mirrors its own evolution over the years. With 23 years spent in programming and the subsequent 11 years dedicated to the Retail Technology Help Desk team, his journey reflects a willingness to embrace new challenges and opportunities for growth. AFS’s support enabled David to strike a balance between professional commitments and cherished family time—a tribute to the company’s commitment to its team members’ well-being.

Reflecting on David’s remarkable career, Brad Krey, retail technology manager at AFS, offers a heartfelt tribute, stating, “In Dave’s 35+ years at Associated Food Stores he spent 23 years in IT as a developer, and the last 11 years with the Retail Technology Help Desk team. I have admired Dave for his strong work ethic, his commitment to AFS values, and his desire to help retailers succeed. Even though working on the Help Desk can be challenging at times, Dave is always friendly, courteous and helpful to those working through challenges. He is just as great with his teammates, always engaged in their work and personal lives. Dave will be truly missed!”

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal commitments has been an important part of David’s career. Despite the demands of being on call, David found time to be with his family. AFS’ family-centric initiatives like Lagoon days and movie outings not only fostered a sense of community for David and his family but also underscored AFS’s dedication throughout his time at AFS.

With retirement approaching, David eagerly anticipates indulging in his passions and hobbies. From going on cruises to exploring the landscapes of Europe, his aspirations for travel are matched only by his desire to spend time with his nine grandchildren and four children. In addition to travel, David envisions dedicating more time to honing his skills in landscaping and home remodeling.